Running out of air while diving is among the most dangerous mistake to make when diving. When air runs out, there are high chances of dying since there will be no more air to breathe. Many divers would like to reach the furthest points while diving, but they cannot achieve their objectives because of the limited air capacity they carry. Thus, this article discusses some of the best Diving Picks to help you reduce air consumption. Those tips include;

Streamlining your equipment

Streamlining your diving gear is among the essential tip to help reduce air consumption when diving. That is because when you use streamlined gears, there will be reduced drag that results from equipment. Therefore, the water should strike your equipment at a very small angle to minimize friction and resistance. Also, if you are using gears like hose pipes, ensure they are short as possible. Since there will be reduced drag, there will be a low consumption of air.

Reduce the weight dropping excess weight when diving is the other useful tip for reducing air consumption. The more weight you have, the less air you can put in your BC to maintain buoyancy.

Move slowly

Did you know that moving slowly helps to reduce air consumption during scuba diving? That is because water resistance increases as the speed increase. Therefore, to lower the air consumption when diving, ensure you do everything in slow motion.

Use efficient fins

Fins help a lot in delivering improved thrust when diving. Therefore, choosing the right fins helps a lot in improving the diving experience. Therefore, by reading the dive gear reviews, you will know the right fins to buy.

Lastly, the other essential ways to reduce air consumption include getting neutral, readjusting the regulator, using the right regulator, and breathing deeply and slowly.