As a fan of cooking, we know that it’s a pet peeve when our knives our dull. For most of us, we have to find someone to sharpen it. but finding someone for this job is taxing and it takes a lot of time and effort. Luckily for us, we have whetstones to sharpen our dullest knives to be sharp again. But what is it really?

Whetstone in a nutshell

A whetstone is a course and fin gritted stone that many professionals often used to sharpen knives and other cutting equipment.  Whetstones come in different grit levels. Each level is assigned to different kinds of cutting materials. That way, your cutting equipment won’t be damaged when they undergo their usual whetstone sharpening.

The Grits of Whetstone Sharpening

Whetstone has 3 levels of grit coarseness. These levels are divided to ensure that your cutting materials are properly sharpened.

Finishing Grit (#4000-#8000)

If you want to get a fine and super sharp knife, then opt for the finishing grit. The fine grit is finer whetstones that easily achieves that sharp pointy edge. This grit is suitable for Western knives because it can create a pointer end on the knives.

Medium Grit (#1000-#3000)

The medium grit whetstone is the whetstones are less coarse and a bit finer. One of the best things about this grit is that you can use this grit level for general whetstone sharpening. However, when using this grit, it must be executed properly.  You can not use this grit level for maintenance but from time to time sharpening only. You can find more details on whetstone how to buy on the site

Coarse Grit #1000 or Less

If your knife has small chips on the edges and is very dull. You can use the coarse grit of #1000. In this grit, it can sharpen your knife better. Its abrasive nature can easily smoothen out the rough edges that need a lot of work.

Although the coarse grit #1000 works better on dull knives it should not be used for general whetstone sharpening. It can also damage the sharp edges if not used properly.

Whetstones are indeed important for food makers. If you wish to get a whetstone for your own equipment, make sure to check our website smalldiner for more whetstone suggestion.