Word connect is a puzzle game played on android and iOS phones. Also, one can play word connect on a desktop or PC. Many people have difficulty pesky challenging levels and find themselves taking lots of time at one level for the word connect. The following are the tips that can help you to get a level solution and manage advance to the next level solution;

Take time per cycle

This game does not have a time limit, meaning you won’t strain much on time. It would be best if you took us as much time as possible to think and come up with a word that will solve the puzzle.

Focus on Small words

Focus on creating small words first. They’re usually pretty easy to form, and you’ll feel like you’re getting somewhere! Always consider creating easy and small works before you jump into the longest words. These short words can even help you develop the most challenging word you can’t even imagine. All the words are arranged in alphabetical order, making it easy for you to guess the last letter of the word you want to create. Learn more about pass levels on gogamerez.com.

Words extensions

Sometimes, the created words need one or more letters addition and form another word you could ever imagine, e.g., can be hidden or water can be watery. Always consider to come up with hidden words which can even be useful to your next level.

Visit websites with words clue

Once you are stuck and cannot afford to complete two or three words to solve the puzzles, you cheat from the online website. Though those websites are not recommended much because of creating low thinking and ruin the game, it can help you move to the next level.

The earned coins during your word solving the puzzle can be used to buy the clues. Always remember to use the coins wisely to avoid misusing them with easy words that need little thinking.