When it comes to comic books, you will surely notice that the new generation usually look for manga. Manga is a comic book or novel that originates in Japan. If you will compare manga to American comic books, the latter are presented in full color while manga is in black and white. Aside from that, manga comics should be read from right to left which is far different from the usual way on how you read books which is from left to right.

The Availability of Manga Online

The popularity of manga comic online seems to be unstoppable knowing how much people especially teens enjoy it. If a manga series becomes popular then it will surely have its anime version. On the other hand, it can also be possible that an anime can be transformed into a manga. You have to keep in mind that these two aren’t the same because manga is printed while anime is an animation.

Instead of reading comic books, you can now freely enjoy manga comic online. There are different genres of manga that you can choose from such as romance, fantasy, mystery, and more. Listed below are different types of manga that you should know. To get more detailed info on one punch man webcomic, visit on hyperlinked site.

– Shonen

This type of manga can be comedy or action. A male protagonist is normally present to make the scene intense.

– Shojo

This type of manga is full of emotions rather than fighting scenes. It features cute characters in a fun story. 

– Seinen

This is quite the same as the shonen because this type of manga involves violence and action. However, fighting scenes are more serious and with female protagonist.

– Josei

This involves mature relationships which you can compare with American adult romance.