Are you now missing the heavenly taste of Durian in Singapore? Or even the sweetness of lychee, chiku, apples, and watery tastes of ponkan, water melon, and other fruits? Well, you can actually have them without getting out from the house. 

Since fruit vendors are not getting many customers today because people are advised to stay at home due to Covid, they are offering 50% off delivery if you buy fruits online.  Yes, and rest assured that what you will get are fresh fruits!

Why such discount?

Actually, fruits, like vegetables, if not consumed within short period of time will be rotten.  If this happens, fruit and vegetable vendors would lose much of their profit from selling.  So, they have to dispose fruits and vegetables right away before they get rotten.  With this, they are offering discounted prices for delivery in order to dispose fruits easily. Learn more about fresh fruits delivery on

This could be an advantage both for vendors and consumers.  People would still have fresh fruits on the table without having to go out from the house. They could still enjoy he benefits of fresh fruits without the need to mingle with people in the market. And what’s greater? Fruits are necessary today to boost immune system which is very much needed by people today.

Freshness guaranteed

People in Singapore are disciplined.  They are not the type of people who take advantage with other people.  Including fruit vendors, they see to it that they offer fresh fruits to people.  Though they are offering 50% off delivery for fruits, they still guarantee you with fresh fruits on your table. 

Vendors dispose their fruits within a certain period of time before fruits would go rotten, or else, they will lose a lot of money.  Instead of having fruits thrown to trash cans, vendors see to it that they are all delivered to people and allow consumers to enjoy its freshness.